At Abacus, we believe in building an integrated ecosystem for our recruitment roadmap that enhances our technologically advanced hiring process while charting people’s moves across various organisations through research and intelligence-gathering mechanisms. Our motto is to source the best-fit candidates for our clients and ensure manually beneficial long-term association for all.

Our Process

Our headhunting services focus on a talent search process that’s customised for each client. We actively seek talent to fill executive and leadership positions. The main objective pursued by our HR consultants is to locate highly qualified professionals, who will develop their professional careers in our clients’ organisations.

The direct search for executive profiles is a fundamental part of how Abacus operates. Our specialised team analyses the client’s needs and from there our consultancy goes into operation as we strive to exceed every client’s expectations.


  • We employ the best, custom designed candidate management systems, and ad hoc protocols to carry out high-quality headhunting procedures.
  • At Abacus, we have extensive experience in the search for executive officers for businesses in different industries.
  • We apply customised protocols and guarantee quick solutions.
  • We actively study the needs and requirements of the client to find the executive who is best suited to the job.
  • Our experience in personnel recruitment allows us to locate find the perfect fit for a vacant post.
  • We analyse the client’s requirements, so we can ensure the selected candidate meets all of them.
  • Exclusivity and privacy are values that define us in our executive search projects.


Our executive search process is tailored to meet the demands of recruiting across different time zones and multiple geographies. High levels of engagement should be in place to ensure candidates receive the very best experience, helping protect and promote the client’s employer brand.

At Abacus we have designed comprehensive search and selection framework, below are the multiple methodologies for our search process

Interview with the client


Profile research

Candidate sourcing

Assessment of professionals

Candidate presentation



Follow up