Lateral hiring is considered to be a specialised hiring process that involves recruiting an expert for the job that needs to be filled. The strategy focuses on recruiting someone with some work experience rather than someone with no experience.

Success can be fostered through a top down approach but we at Abacus believe that a leader can work miracles only when he has the right talent to support him.

Our lateral hiring solutions are characterised by the same attention to detail, analysis of complex issues and potential challenges and the breadth of access to prospects as our senior recruitment suites. We believe in constantly liaising with and keeping warm a pool of top talent for clients from a myriad ‘specialist’ niches and domains and this tenet equips us with the ability to offer response and turnaround times that are unprecedented in the sub-continent.

The prospective candidates that are lateral hires possess interpersonal and additional skills that will prove to be an asset for your company. Lateral hiring is a perceptive hiring process that brings in experienced and skilled talent that will profit the company in the long run. Lateral Hiring increases the efficacy of the company.

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