Why Abacus Consultants?

  • We use AI-powered market intelligence tools for foretelling the logic to be used for the recruitment funnel.

  • We rely on metrics about compensation, skill set distribution, location, and competitive analysis for recruitment marketing.

  • With the market intelligence tools we speed to discover suitable candidates faster than the competition. These tools can be used to screen a variety of characteristics at the same time in order to engage the most qualified candidates.

  • As this market continues to evolve, we use artificial intelligence tools to provide real-time insights for talent sourcing. In order to manage and track applicants, we know where to allocate resources. We examine the emerging skill sets, compensation upheavals, and the demand for certain types of job openings in great detail.

  • We can serve you with some invaluable data and insights when it comes to recruiting, skilling and managing resources.

Our Market Intelligence Tools:

Our advanced market intelligence tools and cutting-edge techniques are designed to optimize the recruitment workflow. By automating the resume screening and shortlisting processes, our tools enable us to quickly identify the most qualified candidates. This not only helps you forecast your workforce requirements more accurately but also provides valuable insights for competitor benchmarking. With our assistance in the hiring process, you can efficiently fill upcoming job vacancies and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving job market.

Compensation Benchmarking
Market Penetration, Expansion or Relocation Analysis
Competitor Insights or Competitor Landscape
Talent & Market Mapping


At Abacus, we have extensive experience in leveraging market intelligence to strengthen your market positioning. Our Strategic Market Insights service lets you enhance your unique selling points (USPs) to attract talent and provide insights on how to compete better in your sector. We also offer talent attraction and talent retention strategy reviews to ensure a powerful strategic approach rather than an ineffective piecemeal one. If you’d like to understand more about what we do, get in touch with the team today.

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