As learning becomes more important for workforce enablement and employee experience, it is essential that an organization's learning ecosystem becomes more intentionally nurtured and maintained. Being able to provide the right learning at the right time in the right format is paramount to effectiveness. Imagine learning moments seamlessly embedded in the flow of work and integrated within enterprise applications.

To make this future a reality, the human resources function must assume new roles and capabilities to enable rapid reskilling and "future skilling". Learning technologies must be a core component of overall corporate digital strategy, and data must be leveraged to drive improvement and ensure learning impacts business goals.

Skill Gap Analysis is a tool or process which helps in identifying and bridging the gap between the current skills and desired skills of the workforce. It helps employers and organizations to identify the training needs, uncover gaps, and help in succession planning, and career progression of employees. It serves as a tool for identifying individuals or teams suitable for upskilling and reskilling according to changing business needs

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