Why Abacus?

When the economic climate is uncertain or your seasonal requirements change, you may not want to hire full-time labour permanently. Instead, a flexible, on-demand workforce that can provide specific skills and expertise on a short-term basis may be more beneficial to your business. The competitive nature of our economic landscape and its rapidly evolving industries makes it more vital than ever for you to manage your labour expenses and maximise your bottom line.

In today's dynamic markets, temporary staffing can offer agility and cost savings to businesses. Our trained recruiters spread across locations in India along with our use of cutting edge technology will equip your business with cost-effective temp staffing solutions that maximise efficiency, improve productivity and maintain compliance across skill sets.

Our Approach

Our recruiters work with your organisation to understand your business needs and with our in-house staffing solutions focus on sourcing the candidate and putting their people skills to good use to ensure the right talent comes to you and drive your business forward.

We have domain and subject matter expertise gained by working in different industries extensively. With our scalable staffing solutions your organisation is empowered to address the complex business challenges of modern times.

We will bridge the gap in the employment market and find the best talent for you.

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