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Chartered Accountant (C.A.) | MBA/PGDM



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Financial Services


Aditya Birla Finance Ltd.



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Relationship Manager - SME

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Area Sales Manager – SME / or RSM



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Emerging Businesses & Wealth

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Emerging Businesses & Wealth









1)  Job Purpose: Write the purpose for which the job exists (in 2-3 lines)  

The purpose of this job is to acquire and grow the lending book for the SME segment for the assigned geography. The role entails both identification of newer customer segments, as well as strengthening existing customer relationships through continuous engagement and ensuring customer retention on the lending platform.


2) Dimensions: Mention quantitative or qualitative parameters that are relevant for the job and provide a better understanding of the scope and scale of the job. 

Business Workforce Number 


Unit Workforce Number 


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Department Workforce Number 


Other Quantitative and Important Parameters for the job: Budgets/ Volumes/No. of Products/Geography/ Markets/ Customers or any other parameter



3) Job Context & Major Challenges: Write the specific aspects of the job that provide a challenge (internal and external) to the jobholder in the context of the Business/Unit/Function/Department/Section

Organizational Context


Aditya Birla Finance Limited ("ABFL"), a lending subsidiary of Aditya Birla Capital Limited is among the leading well-diversified non-banking financial services company in India. ABFL offers customized solutions in areas of personal finance, mortgage finance, SME finance, corporate finance, wealth management, debt capital markets and loan syndication. ABFL is registered with RBI as a systemically important non-deposit accepting non-banking finance company (“NBFC”) and is amongst the top five largest private diversified NBFCs in India based on AUM


For the Quarter ended 31st December 2019, ABFL has a lending book of Rs. 479.33 billion and a net worth of Rs. 80.89 billion. ABFL’s long-term credit rating of AAA (Stable) has been reaffirmed by ICRA in November 2019. ABFL also has long-term credit rating of AAA (Stable) by India Ratings, Perpetual debt credit rating of AA+ (Stable) by ICRA and AA+ (Stable) by India Ratings (Stable) and short-term credit rating of A1+ by ICRA & India Ratings.


The SME vertical specializes in funding all kinds of Indian business legal entities (private limited, public limited, proprietorships etc.) with a turnover of 500 Cr or more. The average ticket size of this lending is 5cr.  .


The fact that the Vertical is sector agnostic and coupled with the dependence on the cash flows of its borrowers for recovering its dues requires all its personnel to have a very high credit appraisal skill set. Despite the Corporate Finance industry being materially large in size, given the ultra-high competition in this field from other financial institutions including banks who have greater access to cheaper funds translates into the sales personnel being required to have superior sourcing and negotiation skills. Additionally, the treadmill rolling nature of a sizeable portion of its business (short term repayments), the business requires high energy, ability to build deep relationships and market knowledge.





Job Context


Key Aspects:

  • The EB & WM function is engaged in funding short term, medium term and long-term working capital needs of SMEs via a suite of customized short and long tenured products.
  • While unit of sizing up the business is its loan book size, profitability and zero tolerance on delinquency are key business objectives
  • Strong understanding of business finance, loan structuring methods and credit administration are key to building credibility with customers and gaining competitive advantage
  • Understanding of local market patterns such as specific occupations/trade, industries at play, local financial and investment preferences and practices important to gain competitive advantage while structuring loans and identifying leads.


Key Challenges

  • Increase the market share in targeted locations against competition
  • Constantly upgrade financial, know-how of self on loan structuring methods and business financials in order to build credibility with customers
  • Stay abreast with the recent market trends and local market preferences and needs
  • Ensure credit quality and carry out effective portfolio selection and pre-screening to minimise risk of NPAs
  • To ensure complete safety of financed amount through post sanction surveillance by maintaining strong client relationships and monitoring collaterals



4) Key Result Areas: Write the key results expected from the job and the supporting actions for each of these key result areas (For a majority of jobs typically there could be 4- 7 key result areas)

Key Result Areas 

Supporting Actions

Sales Growth

  • Achieves sales targets through
  1. Driving pipeline funnel to achieve book size and market share
  • Monitors local market trends and competitive offerings & identifies opportunities for business expansion for the region
  • Ensures minimal client attrition through strong client engagement activities
  • Engages with the investment bankers, chartered accountants and brokers in the for sourcing new business on a regular basis
  • Raises escalation on delinquent cases/ potential NPAs and closely monitors these through the team for collection dues.
  • Tracks key accounts in the portfolio about health of the business and potential early warning signs of NPAs

Client Acquisition

 & Relationship




  • Acquisition of new clients
  • Increases quantum of area business through strong focus on cross-selling initiatives & innovative product mixes.
  • Cultivates a deeper customer bonding by ensuring faster TATs in collaboration with the Credit analysts, enabling the use of technology to improve operational efficiencies & responsiveness in customer service to ensure retention of existing customers.

Disbursal-Timely disbursement of the loans to customers with proper documentation


  • Coordinate with internal stakeholders to process the applications
  • Coordinate with internal teams and respond to their queries to ensure timely & accurate disbursal
  • Complete transactions with customer with appropriate documentation

Market Intelligence-Gather market intelligence towards evolving competitive business strategy, policies & processes

  • Gather market intelligence on a regular basis
  • Share the market intelligence with the Area Sales Manager

Portfolio quality, Profitability--Maintain quality of portfolio to minimize NPAs, Implement measures to ensure profitability


  • Track over-due account daily for the business
  • Intervene to ensure collection for initial overdue accounts on timely basis
  • Ensure profitability by right pricing, processing fees
  • Implement all cost management initiatives on a timely & accurate basis

Organisation Process Efficiency-Implement process improvements to ensure process efficiencies

  • Adhere to all processes for pre & post sourcing processes
  • Provide inputs to Area Sales Manager for Sales MIS




5)  Job Purpose of Direct Reports: Describe the job purpose of the direct report/s to the job (in 2-3 lines for each report)



6)  Relationships: Describe the nature and purpose of most important contacts or relationship (except superior/team members) with individuals, departments, organizations inside and outside of the organization, that job is required to interact with in order to deliver the job objectives

Relationship Type







  1. Area Sales Head



  1. Risk dept


  1. Operations dept


  1. ABG Companies



  1. Daily



  1. Weekly


  1. Weekly


  1. Weekly





  1. Area business MIS, review on new market development


  1. Providing market intelligence, MIS on deviations in client accounts


  1. Client servicing issues


  1. Cross-sell





  1. Dealers & vendors of ABG
  2. Channel partners
  3. Customer

1. Daily

  1. Daily
  2. Daily
  1. Cross selling, lead generation
  2. Sourcing business, Review
  3. Selling, Negotiation, Relationship building


7) Organizational Relationships: Provide the structure for a level above and below the position for which this job description is written. Use position titles in the structured and indicate all the reports of the position.





SIGN-OFF: Provide the name of the Manager and the jobholder. Signature needed for the hard copy of the JD. Hard copy to be maintained in the organizational record.


Job Holder

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CTC Range - 8 lkh ~ 18 lkh

Job location - Bangalore