Tender Manager, Jaipur

Tender Manager, Jaipur

5 - 10 years

Any Graduate

Tender Management

7 ~ 8 LPA

Job Description:-

Designation- Sr Executive to AM

CTC- Open For Discussion

In the digital age, the procurement process has evolved significantly, with organizations increasingly turning to online platforms for e-tendering to streamline their bidding and procurement processes. This explores the utilization of online platforms such as GEM, Eproc, and SPPP Portal for our manpower services, focusing on bid management, coordinating with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), preparing pre-bid queries, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

E-Tendering in Manpower Services:
E-tendering has emerged as a powerful tool for organizations seeking to efficiently manage their procurement processes, particularly in the realm of manpower services. By leveraging online platforms like Government e-Marketplace (GEM), Eproc, and State Public Procurement Portal (SPPP), organizations can digitize their bidding processes, enhancing transparency, efficiency, and accessibility.

Bid Management:
One of the key advantages of utilizing online platforms for e-tendering in manpower services is the ability to manage bids effectively. Through these platforms, organizations can create and publish tender documents, invite bids from potential service providers, and evaluate bids electronically. This streamlined process not only saves time and resources but also ensures a fair and competitive bidding environment.

Preparing Pre-bid Queries and Compliance Sheets:
Prior to submitting bids for manpower services, service providers may have queries regarding the tender specifications or compliance requirements. Online platforms enable organizations to address these queries through a structured process of preparing pre-bid queries and compliance sheets. By providing clear guidelines and information, organizations can ensure that all bidders are well-informed and compliant with the necessary regulations.