Directional Planning

Abacus Consultant follows a prearranged strategy for executing the recruitment process. Our conduction is based on a flexible format that is easily customisable according to client’s demand structure. We pursue a basic set of guideline to prevent companies from any lapse of the workforce and similarly we ensure that our clients as job-seeking individuals meet their respective opportunities without any delay.

To ensure a smoother timeline for both employers and manpower, we ensure that our planning system is a considerable and systematic one. The outlining committee foresees the entire recruitment infrastructure in advance so the outsourcing is done within the required time frame putting in consideration element of any form of uncertainty.

Our planning approach is based mainly on the following business propositions:

Organisational structure
Size of company
Industrial operation
Recruitment Workflow

A draft followed by a structured set of guidelines to be pursued is then prepared for ensuring effective flow of recruitment processing.